We will oversee and supervise the charterers' agent and monitor port call operations with the customers' interests uppermost.

As your protective agent we will supervise the tasks carried out by the main shipping agent nominated:

  • Checking disbursement proforma for the port dues and fees to be correct and competitive.
  • Advising the principal on the vessel actual turnover and providing any other useful information.
  • Verifying Statement of Facts and time sheet entries.
  • Signing Bill of lading on behalf of the master and releasing it according to the instructions.
  • Looking after the third parties that provide services to the principal: ship chandlers, suppliers.
  • Assisting in the disputes that arise during the port call and after departure.
  • Arranging for the ship surveys and P&I correspondents attendance, legal services.
  • Participating in the accident and incident investigation.
  • Fulfilling any other tasks on the request from the principal.