GMX Ships & Ports Agency has established and maintains a management system that ensures that its commitment to quality is achieved. The effectiveness of the system is reviewed and assessed routinely and improvements are made, when necessary, to secure that the objectives are maintained.


Protection of the environment is one of the strongest core values of GMX Ships & Ports Agency. The objectives of this policy are met by waste reduction, recycling practices, sustainable treatment of the resources and active participation in the community's programs.


GMX Ships & Ports Agency's objective is to provide a healthy and safe environment for all its employees, sub-contactors andvisitors. To achieve this objective, it complies with all statutory regulations, continuously monitors and assesses the work areas and conditions to detect any risk factors and improves the health and safety policy and guidelines.DRUGS AND ALCOHOL POLICY

GMX Ships & Ports Agency has a zero tolerance on consumption of alcohol and prohibited substances. A violation of this Policy by any individual of the Company is likely to result in the individual being summarily dismissed. A violation by third party personnel will result in the offending party or parties being removed from the vessel.


The nature of our business does not involve nor demand the processing of our clients' personal Data.

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